Prevent exposure of internal data to ungoverned websites and applications

Govern data upload

Secure sensitive data that resides on your workforce’s devices by preventing uploads to any unsanctioned web location that may put it at exposure risk.

Prevent data exfiltration

Mitigate the risk of malicious insiders with policies that prevent sharing corporate sensitive data to personal SaaS and personal web applications.

Control data download

Ensure that sensitive data is never downloaded from organizational SaaS apps to unmanaged devices or managed devices that don’t meet required security posture standards

Protect against all exposure paths

Configure policies against all possible ways your data can get exposed:

  • Downloading from organizational apps to unmanaged devices that might host malware or direct adversarial presence.
  • Uploading from managed devices to insecure web locations.

Minimize operational disruption to your workforce

Configure policies that alert your users when they are about to perform an insecure data interaction or automatically block this interaction altogether.

Gain visibility into your workforce’s data interaction patterns

  • Monitor dominant workforce usage patterns when they are interacting with internal data. Proactively discover potential risks and mitigate then with corresponding data protection policies.
  • TomX provides you with this visibility without any dependency on the apps’ visibility API, ensuring a consistent experience across all apps.