Replace costly and complex infrastructure with secure access straight from your users’ devices, cutting TCO dramatically

Provide seamless connectivity to your resources

Enable your workforce to access your organizational resources from their browsers in a rapid and seamless manner and without installing any additional software.

Prevent malicious access

Turn the browser into a controlled safe zone. Continuously monitor to detect and block any malicious access attempts.

Eliminate setup and maintenance costs

Gain secure access to your resources from the browsers that already exist on your workforce’s devices, avoiding the operational efforts entailed in the setup, configuration, and maintenance of VDI infrastructure.

Secure user access to your resources

Configure access policies to govern every user interaction with your data. Prevent both unintentional data leakage as well as malicious adversary access.

Scale with zero cost and effort

When using VDI, you’re obliged to set up a new instance for every additional user. With TomX you simply add another existing user to the data protection and threat prevention policies you’ve already created.

Enhance your workforce’s user experience

Replace the common latency and lags that plague VDI with direct access from the browser that is no different from accessing any web location.