TomX News

Customized news feeds, from leading sources, delivered right to your browser. All 100% private.

Your favorite content, from the best sources

TomX News creates a customizable, up-to-date news feed, curated from a list of sources you’ve selected. Hundreds of top publishers and RSS feeds, blogs, news outlets, print and web magazines, and more, across dozens of categories.

Collected right in your browser

All the news you want, in a single feed. Just open a tab in TomX, scroll down, and…voila! The feed auto updates throughout the day.

No tracking—ever

TomX News doesn’t track what you follow, read, or click. Content is curated based on sources you’ve selected to see content from, and no data leaves the browser. It’s the industry’s first private news reader and it’s coupled with all the privacy protections of the TomX Browser.


How do I use TomX News?
Using TomX News is easy. Simply open a tab in your browser, and scroll down. You’ll see a generalized feed of content. Want a more curated view? Just tap Customize.
Does TomX News cost anything?

No, there’s no cost to use TomX News. 

Is TomX News available on all platforms?
Yes. TomX News is available on desktop (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and mobile devices (Android and iOS)
What news feeds are available?

News feeds are available from more than 300 major media outlets and content sources, in categories across global news, business and finance, sports, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. For a full list, open a tab in the TomX browser and click Customize. You can also add RSS feeds from your favorite bloggers, local newspapers, special interest magazines, and any source that publishes content using RSS.

How does TomX News customize content?
TomX News is curated in a few ways, including by the publication date of the content, and your self-selected preferences. TomX News can also curate based on your browsing history, but this is done anonymously, and only on your device. Neither your browsing history nor your feed activity is tracked by TomX (or anyone else) in any way.

You have the option to add or disable sources—just click Customize in the browser tab. If you don’t see a source, check for publicly available RSS feeds, which will give you even more control over what you see in your feed.

How exactly does TomX News protect my privacy?
TomX News—like the TomX Browser—puts privacy first. TomX collects zero info about you, your searches, or the websites you visit.

Specifically, your TomX News feed is collected using a new, private content delivery network (CDN). This CDN knows nothing about you, what you follow, or what you read. There is no data trail available for anyone to capture or track, including us at TomX. The TomX News reader ranks stories locally (meaning only on your device), and uses an anonymous algorithm that weighs several factors, including your browser history and article date. It’s designed to help you discover interesting new content throughout the day while still respecting your privacy. All the learning and personalization happens exclusively on your browser. TomX neither sees nor stores your browsing data—it stays private, on your devices, until you delete it. It’s impossible for TomX to sell or lose your data, because it’s not collected in the first place.