Provide your external contractors with seamless access to your resources without compromising security requirements

Enforce least-privilege access policies

Ensure that your 3rd party contractors have access only to the data that they need, eliminating unnecessary exposure.

Onboard and offboard with a single click

Leverage TomX’s agentless architecture to enable your 3rd party contractors to easily gain secure access without installing any additional software on their devices.

Monitor and prevent malicious access

Enforce threat protection policies to detect malicious access via an account takeover of the 3rd party, and mitigate this risk by blocking their access.

Enable access only to necessary resources

Configure access policies that provide 3rd party access on a need-to-know basis. Prevent them from accessing any data in your organizational apps beyond what they need to perform their tasks.

Enforce data protection policies

Configure policies that prevent 3rd parties from exposing sensitive data via download or copy-paste of the resources you’ve granted them access to.

Detect and block access when account takeover occurs

Monitor activities in 3rd party browsing sessions. Automate access blocking when detecting behavior anomalies that indicate an adversary using their compromised access credentials.