Gain real-time protection against all web-based attacks that could not be prevented before

Block access to phishing sites and adversary-controlled web pages

Warn or prevent users from interacting with malicious web pages with URL filtering and real-time analysis of page behavior.

Disable phishing and social engineering abilities

Scan every web page from within the browser to disable malicious activities coming from phishing/social engineering sites from any source, including the most advanced and evasive attacks.

Protect against exploits and prevent malware downloads

Ensure your browsers are always patched and updated and disable web pages’ ability to download malware to your device.

Block access to malicious pages

Employ a combination of URL filtering based on the most updated threat intelligence feeds with web page analysis before allowing user access. Prevent your workforce from any interaction with an adversary-controlled web page.

Protect against 0-Hour phishing and other social engineering

Leverage TomX Risk Engine to detect malicious web page behavior at the earliest stage, disabling it before it can cause any harm.

Prevent malware exploitation and download

  • Control and reduce your browsers’ attack surface by ensuring they are all patched and updated.
  • Use the TomX engine to prevent web pages from dropping malicious files to your endpoint without your knowledge.