Eliminate shadow SaaS, prevent data leakage, and harden apps’ security posture across all your sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS and web apps

Eliminate shadow apps

Gain visibility into all the SaaS apps your workforce uses to spot weaknesses and to comply with any regulation requirements.

Prevent data exposure

Ensure that any sensitive data is not exposed in your browser through unintentional share, download, upload, submit, paste, or copy actions.

Monitor security posture

Continuously monitor applications, accounts, identities, and credentials to detect vulnerable accounts and account sharing, and enhance their security.

Gain full visibility and auditing capabilities

  • Automatically discover all sanctioned and unsanctioned apps in your environment.
  • Monitor all users’ activity patterns within the apps they access.
  • Generate inventory and activity reports for internal auditing and external compliance needs.

Prevent data exposure

  • Easily modify built-in best practices policies to your needs through an intuitive configuration interface.
  • Safeguard sensitive data across both sanctioned and unsanctioned apps with data protection policies.
  • Get comprehensive coverage against any and all actions that put your data at risk including upload, download, copy, paste, and screen capture.

Monitor your SaaS security posture

  • Scan your SaaS applications to discover any weaknesses that can expose them to account takeover.
  • Take proactive actions to rectify accounts that are shared among multiple users, as well as accounts that are susceptible to compromise.