Identify and mitigate identity weaknesses and block account takeover activities

Monitor for compromised or reused credentials

Scan your workforce’s browsers to discover identity risks such as credentials that have been already compromised or are being reused across various resources.

Gain Visibility to discover shadow identities

Gain visibility into all user identities that access resources from your browsers, including shadow users your identity team is unaware of.

Turn the browser into
a mandatory authentication factor

Condition access to your organizational SaaS and web apps only via the browser (protected by TomX), hardening your protections against account takeover attacks.

Discover identity weaknesses

Scan your workforce’s browsers to disclose reused and even compromised passwords. Visibility into the browsers’ credentials data enables you, for the first time, to detect these critical identity security gaps and take proactive protection measures against them.

Mitigate the risk of shadow identities

Easily discover the full inventory of users that access your organizational resources. With this full visibility, you can determine which users are allowed to keep their access privileges and which permissions introduce a risk and should be revoked.

Enforce access via a protected browser to your SaaS and web apps

Turn your browser into a mandatory authentication factor for accessing your SaaS and web resources. Achieve full MFA protection without installing any software on your users’ devices or interfering with their ongoing browser experience.