Block malicious or risky extensions to protect passwords, cookies, identities, and other browser-stored data from compromise

Detect and block risky extensions

Scan your workforce browsers to discover installed malicious extensions that should be removed.

Monitor extension behavior

Continuously analyze the behavior of existing browser extensions to prevent them from accessing sensitive browser data.

Proactively mitigate identity theft

Block adversaries from gaining access to the wide range of credential data that’s stored in your browser, to prevent MFA bypass and potential account takeover.

Discover malicious extensions

Configure policies to continuously scan your workforce devices for newly installed browser extensions, determine whether they are allowed, and alert the IT and security teams if a risky extension is in place.

Disable extensions’ malicious activity

Disable extensions’ ability to extract credentials or other sensitive data from your workforce’s browsers. These proactive policies ensure that even when malicious extensions are not yet removed, their ability to cause harm is disabled.