Enable your workforce to securely access corporate resources from their unmanaged computers and laptops

Enforce least-privilege access policies

Ensure that each of your employees can access only the resources they need, avoiding unnecessary data exposure.

Prevent risks from on-device malware

Closely monitor and govern every user session with proactive policies to mitigate the risk of unintentional data leakage or malicious access.

Enable secure remote working

Provide your remote workers with a seamless and secure manner to connect to corporate resources and interact with the data they need.

Mitigate the risks of on-device malware

  • Configure data protection policies to prevent users from exposing internal data to attackers that have gained presence on their devices.
  • Configure threat prevention policies to detect user anomalies that might indicate an account takeover and disable malicious access to your internal resources.

Avoid user rejection with an agentless solution

  • Enable TomX protection in a single click. All your BYOD users have to do is sign in from their browsers to enable the TomX extension.
  • Zero impact on device performance.

Gain full visibility into unmanaged devices’ security posture

Overcome the inherent blind spot of unmanaged devices with full visibility into the security posture of the devices that access your SaaS and web resources.