Advanced privacy

A long list of TomX’s behind-the-scenes protections and commitments

Privacy by default

By default, TomX has the strongest privacy protections of any popular web browser. And it comes in different layers.

TomX Defenders

Defenders include many features and Chromium customizations built right into the browser. These include reduced network server calls, partitioning, blocked bounce tracking, and more.

Policies & practices

Our ability to safeguard your data: by not collecting it in the first place. To adhere to and exceed government data protections like GDPR and CCPA and to support and contribute to the online privacy community.

TomX built-in advanced protections

Chromium customizations

TomX is built on the open-source Chromium project, the same engine that powers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi (among others). While Chromium provides the foundation for a very secure browser, it’s unfortunately not good for user privacy —at least, not the version in Chrome and Edge. TomX, on the other hand, makes numerous changes (and subtractions) with every Chromium release, including:

  • Proxying communication with Google services through TomX servers.
  • Reimplementing sync to be encrypted client-side and never touch Google’s servers.
  • Removal of privacy-harming features like Google’s Reporting, Topics, and Network Status APIs, as well as removal of FLoC and Fledge.
Limiting network server calls

When you first start your browser, it checks with its update server for updates or other new information. TomX goes to great lengths to limit how often your browser communicates with TomX servers, and independent research backs this up: TomX was found to have the least network communication with its backend servers of any popular web browser.

Query parameter filtering

Many trackers use query parameters to try and circumvent browser privacy protections. By default, TomX removes known tracking-related query parameters from URLs while you browse. While other browsers include no or limited protections against this kind of tracking, TomX protects against an ever-growing list.