About TomX

Browse privately with confidence

Why TomX

Stay safe online

By default, TomX blocks trackers & ads on the websites you visit, keeping you more private online.

Privacy made simple

All the good of ad-blocking, incognito windows, private search, even VPN. All in a single download.

Switch in 30 seconds

Quickly import bookmarks, extensions, and even saved passwords. It’s the best of your old browser, only safer. And it only takes half a minute to switch.


TomX brings safe browsing, blockers, free video calls, and even a customizable news feed. All private. All right to your all-in-one browser app.

TomX for a faster, safer Web

Is the TomX Browser safe?

TomX is one of the safest browsers on the market today. It blocks privacy-invasive ads & trackers. It blocks third-party data storage. It protects from browser fingerprinting. It upgrades every webpage possible to secure https connections. And it does all this by default.

It’s also built off the open-source Chromium Web core, which powers browsers used by billions of people worldwide. This source code is arguably vetted by more security researchers than any other browser. In short, not only is TomX safe to use, it’s much safer than any other browser on the market.

How do I download & install TomX?

TomX is available on nearly all desktop computers (Windows, macOS, Linux) and nearly every mobile device (Android and iOS). To get started, simply download the TomX browser for Desktop, for Android, or for iOS.

Does TomX have a VPN?

Yes! TomX Firewall + VPN protects everything you do online, on your entire device, even outside the TomX Browser. One subscription covers up to 5 devices, across Android, iOS, and desktop.

What languages is TomX available in?

TomX Browser is available in nearly 160 languages in all, including four different dialects of Chinese.

How does TomX compare to Chrome?

Simply put, TomX Browser is 5x faster than Google Chrome. By blocking privacy-invading ads & trackers by default, there’s less stuff to load on every single webpage you visit. That means pages load much faster, saving you time, money, and battery life. It also means you’re much safer online.

Is TomX free?

Yes, TomX is completely free to use. Simply download the TomX browser for desktop, Android, or iOS to get started. TomX also has some great, subscription-based features such as TomX Firewall + VPN.